About admataz.com

admataz.com is my personal and business portfolio website. It's an ongoing project where I experiment with code, design and words. It has been through many different versions and for what it’s worth, there's a site manifesto.

This site is generated by Blockstatic, a minimal and experimental static site build tool I wrote in using node.js.

The admataz logo is the longest lasting design element here - I have been using something similar to this logo since about 2000. The type is based on an old Mac Classic font I had called "Game Over". I discovered the scan lines rendered very cleanly at high resolutions, which made it useful to overlay on textured backgrounds and photo imagery, which was all the rage at the time.

I have many times dissassembled and reassembled each character. The version you see above is compiled using javascript from an array of binaries like those you see mapping tile games, into the SVG render:

      var admataz = [

is dutifully rendered as:

Images and Typography

I am not a primarily a visual designer, but I enjoy playing with the elements and processes of design, particularly how they can be generated and controlled by data and code and allow for reactive interaction and playfulness in an interface.

The graphics on this site, apart from project screenshots, are almost entirely code generated.

Type for the headings is a webfont called TravelingTypewriter by Carl Krull

Type for regular body copy is Museo Slab by exljbris Font Foundry and thanks to Adobe Typekit and my Creative Cloud account.

I continue to tweak the graphics and typography of this site because it's never quite right.